Monday, September 28, 2009

[ 06 / 11 / 05 ] I'm a pretty lame messiah

So, let me get this straight, I spend 15 years trying to get league play sorted out, extoling the virtues of base rings, and sculpting football figures and my legacy to the Bloodbowl community turns out to be all of this NBA/RCN nonsense? Well, that about figures, doesn't it. I mean, come on, I must make a dozen pointless remarks on the boards every day and you people pick the one about Orthodox Nufflism to actually bother reading... sheesh.

Can I at least get a cut from the collection plate or something?

Oh well, at least I got a cool shaker cup out of it, which brings me to my thought for the day: when did everyone stop rolling dice in box lids?

Seriously, most of what I remember about the last tournie I went to was the constant sound of dice clattering onto the floor and the scurry of coaches trying desperately to find them in the dark corners below (I'm sure that same rat who made off with Torg's sunglasses has a little mountain of lost dice as well). Listen to an old-timer for once, it doesn't have to be like this people!

I guess the real reason for the dice spending so much time on the floor is simple enough - GW stopped making blister boxes. Damn, those things were awesome. What couldn't you do with a blister box? We could store minis in them, a little foam and you had a travel case too. They were great for sorting stuff on the painting table. You could keep your counters and stuff in them. Oh, and best of all, you could roll dice in them and unless you were trying to break the sound barrier, the damn things would stay right there in the box,on the table, and life was a lot simpler.

So, forget your pseudoreligious fervor, drop your complaints about the vault, stop trying to get people to remove MB from the werewolf and get behind a truly worthy cause: lets make them bring back the blister box!